CSCI 270 Course Description

This course builds upon Web programming fundamentals. It includes a review of HTML and CSS fundamentals and detailed coverage of CSS topics including selectors, cascade, positioning, page layout techniques, CSS media queries, and responsive/mobile design techniques. The course provides an introduction to server-side scripting and server side includes, advanced CSS/JavaScript frameworks, responsive grid design, and user interface tools.

Technology Overview

DMD Minor

I am currently pursuing a DMD minor at LFC.

DMD Courses

Courses I have taken for the DMD minor are:

  1. CSCI 107: Introduction to Web Programming
  2. Art 142: Digital Design Foundations
  3. COMM 212: Visual Rhetoric

Courses I intend to take for the DMD minor are:

  1. CSCI 270: Web Development
  2. Art 130: Elements of Design
  3. Art 253: Graphic and Digital Design

About Me

My name is Kayla Roman-Flores and I am a Junior at Lake Forest College. I am a Communication major and have a double minor in DMD and CS. My goals with DMD is to hopefully become a web developer some day. It is something I have loved since I first learned HTML in my Junior year of high school.