Lin-Tian Method for Safe Shrimp Handling      

X. Lin,  M. Tian


Melanie Tian

Published author with an Erdős number of 3.

GPA: 3.9/4.0    (A- for MATH340 Geometry)

GRE verbal 97%    (No one cares so I put it here)                    

Five Intersecting Regular Tetrahedrons           

Made during 2020 spring finals week,

with printer paper stolen from library.

Good: Walking on the sidewalk.

Bad: Stealing shopping baskets from Target.             

Melanie's Bookcase

New York, 2022

Gift of X. Lin in memory of classes with Prof. S.J. Zelenberg.        

more about Melanie                         




I'm out of school. Not quite homeless (yet).

Before That (Dec. 2021)
I went to classes sometimes at Lake Forest College.

"She likes to live on the edge" - Prof. B

"You really want to do this your way huh" - Prof. Z

"I don't think you'll get in" - Prof. T

"What? I am perplexed" - Prof. R

My main hobby was picking random professors to bother.

During classes, I was fond of shopping, watching youtube, and walking out of the classroom.


And Before That (Aug. 2019)
I was partying studying at Beijing Jiaotong University 北京交大.

I was in a program (Zhixing honors program) that gives you direct admission to grad school there,
as long as you don't fail or drop out (and I almost failed out).


Funny story I
At the interview for that Zhixing honors program.

I walked in, with a Rubik's cube, trying to show off solving it in less than 30 sec.

Professor: "No, we don't want to see that."

Professor: "What are your plans after getting in? (你来知行班干什么)"

Me: "Party? (哦我来玩的)"

Then they let me in for no reason.


Funny Story II
I TA'ed for calculus I, calculus II, linear algebra in 2020 and 2021.

While when I took those classes (they call them analysis I, analysis II, advanced algebra though) in my freshman year, my grades were 60/100, 60/100, 69/100.

Well qualified.


Before College (2017)
When I was 14 to 16 years old I was at Anqing NO.1 Middle School 安庆一中 (a high school though).

Ah youth!

"How we assign passionate importance to things and people when we are young,
because we don't have the breadth of experience to behave more moderately."

Like, I almost shit myself at multiple college-at-stake contests and tests.

All went horrible. Horrible!

Don't do that.


If I didn't major in math I would major in: Linguistics

My MBTI personality type: INTJ

My Cognitive functions preferences: Ni ≈ Ti > Te ≈ Fi > Ne > Si ≈ Se >> Fe [1]

My favorite classical Chinese poetry: 山河千古在,城郭一时非 (loosely translates to the Law of Large Numbers but with an upbeat mood)


   If I were a Springer GTM, I would be Bela Bollobas's Modern Graph Theory.

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